Buddhism for the Younger
To  our  dear  young ones
sons and daughters
nieces and nephews
grandsons and granddaughters

There is no mistaking that in the tradition of the Theravada Buddhist thinking, the growth and education of children, whether they be male or female, is primarily and essentially taken care of  by the parents. This is insisted on. This  is  totally in  agreement  with the latest  and  the highly respected educational theories of the world today that the education of a child begins at  0 [zero], i.e. almost at birth. In other words, almost on the mother's lap. Today's more recent thinking pushes it even to a pre-natal stage. It is therefore agreed that the education of children begins in the home. No matter at what age it begins at home,  the school is  yet  a long  way to go. Buddhist  texts score  a  first in world educational history, we believe,  in declaring that  'parents are  the  first  teachers of  a  child'  [pubbâcariyâ ti vuccare  A.N. I.132]. It is they who usher in and introduce the children into the world :  Imassa lokassa dassetâro  loc.cit.

Buddhism for the Younger No.1
Under Parental Guidance

Buddhism for the Younger No.2
Buddhist  attitude to Life in the World

Buddhism for the Younger No.3
On the lap of  Mother Nature

Buddhism for the Younger No.4
Our Children and their Life in the Home

Buddhism for the Younger No.5
Child Care and Growth of Love

Buddhism for the Younger No.6
 Child Care and Growth of Love- Contd.

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Buddhism for the Younger No.7
Love as the basis of Spiritual Growth

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