Son of Síhahanu and Kaccáná (daughter of Devadahasakka) and brother of Suddhodana (Mhv.ii.20; SnA.i.357).

He was the father of Mahánáma and Anuruddha (DhA.iv.124). Elsewhere (DA.ii.492; AA.i.162) Ananda is also called a son of Amitodana.

In Sanskrit sources (E.g., Rookhill, p.13, and Bigandet i.13; see also Mtu.i.352) he is spoken of as Amrtodana and the father of Devadatta. Mention is also made of another son of his, the Sakka Pandu, who escaped the slaughter of the Sákiyans by Vidúdabha. Mhv.viii.18,19.

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