1. Cálá Therí.-Daughter of Surúpasárí and, therefore, younger sister of Sáriputta.

She had two sisters, Upacálá and Sisúpacálá, and all three left the world and joined the Order on hearing of Sáriputta's renunciation.

In due course they attained arahantship (ThigA.162ff; DhA.ii.188). It is said (Thig.182-8; cp. S.i.132) that one day, when Cálá was taking her siesta in the Andhavana, Mára visited her, asking her various questions and trying to tempt her.

Her son was Cála.

2. Cálá.-Chief of the lay women supporters of Sumangala Buddha. Bu.v.28.

3. Cálá.-One of the two chief women disciples of Phussa Buddha. Bu.xix.20; J.i.41.

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