A series of hells, each one being bound by three cakkaválas. (Cp. Sp.i.120; SNA.ii.443).

Each hell is eight thousand leagues in extent. Beings are born there as a result of heinous crimes, "like those of Coranága, or Corábhaya, both of Tambannidípa." Their bodies are three gávutas in height and with their long nails they cling to the cakkaválapabbata. Sometimes they fall into the world bearing water (lokasandhárakaudaka) and are dried up because of its great salinity (AA.ii.532). Elsewhere (NidA.8; SNA.i.59) they are said to suffer from extreme cold. Those holding wrong views are also born there (J.vi.247).

According to the Buddhavamsa Commentary (BuA., p. 26), Lokantara is the hell of the Asurakáyá.

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