1. Sangharakkhita Thera. He belonged to a wealthy family of Sávatthi, and, after joining the Order, lived with another monk in a forest tract, meditating. Near them a doe had given birth in a thicket to a fawn. While she tended it, her love kept her always near it, and she was famished for lack of grass and water. On seeing her, the Thera repeated: "Alas! this world suffers, bound in bonds of craving," and with this as his incentive, he developed insight and won arahantship. Seeing his companion cherish wrong thoughts, the Thera admonished him in a verse, (Thag.vs.109) and he, too, became an arahant.

Ninety four kappas ago, Sangharakkhita saw seven Pacceka Buddhas at the foot of a rock and offered them kadamba flowers. Ninety two kappas ago he was king seven times, under the name of Phulla (ThagA.i.216f).

He is evidently identical with Kadambapupphiya of the Apadána. Ap.i.178.

2. Sangharakkhita. A monk, probably of Ceylon. Reference is made (Vsm.194; DhsA.200) to a novice under him who, seeing the king on an elephant's back, developed thoughts of the foulness of the body and became an arahant.

3. Sangharakkhita. A novice, nephew of Mahánága Thera. He became an arahant in the Tonsure hall, and, having discovered that no other monk had made the Vejayanta Pásáda tremble, on the very day he became an arahant, the novice, standing on it, tried in vain to shake it. The nymphs within laughed at him. Discomfited, he sought his teacher, who was spending his siesta in a cave on the edge of the ocean, and, having consulted him, he returned to Vejayanta. The nymphs again laughed at him, but he made a resolve that the space on which Vejayanta stood should turn into water. When this happened, he touched the pinnacle of the palace with his toe and it rocked till the nymphs begged for mercy. DA.ii.558f.

4. Sangharakkhita. See also Bhágineyya Sangharakkhita and Mahá-Sangharakkhita.

5. Sangharakkhita. A Thera of Ceylon. He was a pupil of Sáriputta and Medhankara. He wrote several books dealing with grammar, rhetoric, and prosody: the Vuttodaya, Subodhálankára, Susaddasiddhi, Sambandhacintá, Yogavinicchaya and Khuddasikkhá tíká. P.L.C.197f.; Gv.6. 66. 71; Sis. 69. 70; Svd.1209.

6. Sangharakkhita. An Elder, who lived in the time of Vijayabáhu III. The king made him head of the Order and entrusted him with the Tooth Relic and the Alms Bowl; he also gave into his charge the education of the heir to the throne. Cv.lxxxi.76f.

7. Sangharakkhita. An eminent monk in the time of Kittisiririjasíha. He was entrusted by the king with the restoration of the Majjhapalli Vihára. Cv.c.234.

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