Suppára, Suppáraka. A seaport in India. It was in the Sunáparanta country and was the birthplace of Punna. There was regular trade between Bhárukaccha, Suppáraka and Suvannabhúmi (See, e.g., Ap.ii.476 (vs.13f.); AA.i.156).

From Suppára to Sávatthi was one hundred and twenty leagues (DhA.ii.214; UdA.85), Sávatthi being to the north east of Suppára. UdA.84 (pubbuttaradisábhágáyam). Vijaya and his followers landed there on their way to Ceylon, but had to leave because the people were incensed by their behaviour (; Dpv.ix.15f). Ubbarí was once born in Suppáraka as a horse dealer's daughter (DhA.iv.50). It was also the residence of Báhiya Dárucíriya.

Suppáraka (Skt. Súrpáraka) is identified with the modern Sopára in the Thána district, to the north of Bombay. Imperial Gazetteer of India sv., but see Sunáparanta.

Suppáraka. The Bodhisatta born as a master mariner (niyyámakajettha) of Bhárukaccha. See the Suppáraka Játaka.

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