1. Uparevata.-A sámanera, son of Padumuttara Buddha. It was the sight of this novice which made Ráhula, then born as the Nága-king Sankha, wish to become a Buddha's son (SnA.i.340; MA.ii.722). According to the Buddhavamsa (xi.21), however, Padumuttara's son was called Uttara. Uparevata, though very young in years (tarunalalitadáraka), was possessed of great iddhi-powers and the Nága-king was greatly impressed by him (AA.i.142f. Here the nága king is called Pathayindhara).


2. Uparevata.-Nephew of Sáriputta. When Sáriputta went to Nálaka on his last visit, in order to die there, Uparevata saw him outside the village, seated under a banyan tree. He was asked to announce Sáriputta's arrival to the latter's mother, and to make preparations for accommodating Sáriputta's five hundred followers (DA.ii.551; SA.iii.175).

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